Draft Regional Recommendation

The U.S. Entity for the Columbia River Treaty is inviting stakeholder and public review of the Draft Regional Recommendation concerning the future of the Columbia River Treaty with Canada. This document is a result of a multi-year, collaborative process between the U.S. Entity, Sovereign Review Team and stakeholders.

Below you can find the cover letter providing context for the draft recommendation, the Draft Regional Recommendation document and a timeline providing a brief overview of the Columbia River Treaty Review process through the remainder of 2013.

The U.S. Entity will accept comments and feedback on the Draft Regional Recommendation through Friday, Oct. 25. To see comments submitted by other interested stakeholders, click here and look for the Columbia River Treaty Review entry.

Stakeholder groups may invite staff from the U.S. Entity to discuss the Draft Regional Recommendation. To plan a discussion, please send a request to treatyreview@bpa.gov or call 503-808-4510.

Thank you for your continued interest in Columbia River Treaty Review.

The 2014/2024 Treaty Review

Over the years, the Columbia River Treaty has provided significant benefits on both sides of the border through coordinated river management. It remains the standard against which other international water coordination agreements are compared.

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